Welcome to Therri's Treasures™, a privately owned studio specializing in handcrafted jewelry and wearable art. It was established in 1993, and has gone through several experimental name changes until 2006, when the current business name was made permanent. Since then, the body of work has been expanded to the point where the trademark could be adopted.

The Mission: I want to bring wearable art to the fashion scene, in one of a kind and limited editions, with the view to please those who want designs which are artistic in scope and unusual in style. My chief motifs come from nature, the stars, and other cultural designs. I use a variety of materials, including precious metals, gemstones, crystal, enamels, and other unusual materials, with prices which are meant to be affordable to most. I charge only what I think is fair to the buyer based on costs of the materials used and the labor involved.

I have honed my skills over the years since I became interested in Touareg and Bedouin beaded designs and metalwork during a visit to a cultural museum one day in 1990. Since then I had embarked on extensive studies in beadwork, materials, and finally gemstones and precious metals. My work includes only one of a kind to limited edition designs, and I never create mass quantities of anything.

I hope you enjoy my portfolio. Thanks. -- Therri Moore